Ask a Digital Nomad: 10 Questions with Casey

The most common question posed to us throughout Instagram and this blog is pretty straightforward. “How do you afford to do this?” It’s a very fair question, and no our parents did not give us money for this trip (although, Mom feel free to send us some!). As mentioned in previous posts, we definitely had to save up for this, but we’ve also had money coming in while we travel. more

When in Rome… you know the rest


Ahhh, Italy! The final country of our European adventure has finally arrived.

Rome was a bookend destination for our tour de Italy. The first two nights that we spent in Italy were in Rome, as well as the last five. The rest of Italy is very accessible by either plane or train from Rome, so it’s a great starting & ending point if you’re trying to map out your Italian journey. (I just realized that’s where the quote, “All roads lead to Rome” comes from. Mind. Blown.) more

Four days in Dubrovnik, Croatia

And to wrap up our Croatian tour… next stop:


Dubrovnik, was at the top of my #bucketlist places, right up there with Greece, for this trip. I had been dying to see Dubrovnik with my own two eyes ever since I found out I was Croatian. more

Three Days in Split, Croatia: Karaoke, Hiking & Piercings

Continuing our European tour…

Next up: Split, Croatia! 

From Zadar, Split is about a 3hr bus ride (although, I would plan more like 4-5 hours based on the unpredictability of the Croatian bus system). Bus tickets cost around $20-30 and were easy to purchase ahead of time online, which I would recommend doing since the bus fills up fast. more

A Guy’s Guide to Packing for Europe

After a couple of months in hiding, I’ve decided to come out of retirement to share with all the fellas out there what you need to pack for a long haul backpacking vacation in Europe. Long story short, bring lots of underwear. If you want to hear the detailed version then go ahead and read on… more

UPDATED Europe & Central America Packing List: What did I actually use?

Now that we are a little less than two weeks away from our trek to Southeast Asia (Ah!!), I’m re-starting the process of packing up my life into my backpack. Lists are being made, clothes are being sorted, and hair is being pulled out. more

Four days in Berlin


I think it goes without saying that after Oktoberfest we were looking for a little “down time”. I was still trying to get over an annoying cold and we were mentally and physically burnt-out after two days of “prost’ing” with everyone and anyone. more

An Oktoberfest Survival Guide

So, you’ve decided that this will be the year that you cross Oktoberfest off your #bucketlist. Your ticket is booked, you’ve gathered your friends, and you’ve mentally prepared your liver for a fun weekend. more

Touring Prague: Walking tours, pub crawls & castles

Prague was probably the most excited that I was for Eastern Europe. Everything that I have heard about Prague, from the people that I know, is nothing short of a rave review. “The beer is cheap, the city is beautiful, and did I mention the beer is cheap?” Is basically everyone’s line of thinking when it comes to Prague. more