Airbnb: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Planning a trip of this magnitude is intimidating, without a doubt. Neither Casey or myself came into this thinking that it would be easy or without a few missteps, especially when it came to where we would be sleeping every night. Lodging is obviously going to be the biggest part out of budget, and with limited funds available, it can be frustrating to find a place that we want to stay.

Gone are the days of resort hotels and no way in hell I am sleeping in a hostel with snoring strangers in bunkbeds, I’m way too old for that shit. So, we knew that we needed to get creative. Luckily, its 2016 and not 1995 and there are a ton of options for budget travelers. I highly suggest doing some pre-trip research on different options for accommodations within the city you are visiting before relying on a standard, expensive hotel.

For us, we decided to rely heavily on Airbnb. In NYC, Airbnb is often times a second income for our friends and they love the experience, so we trust the company and are crossing our fingers that as long as we pick places with strong reviews from past guests, that we will be in good hands. Our budget? Under $50/night. For some cities this will be easy, others (see: Paris) not so much.

So, for each place we stay I will be doing a short review of our experience, a little about our hosts (if staying in a private room within someone’s home) and some tips if you plan to visit the city yourself.


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