Casey’s Top 10: European Transportation (Part 2 of 2)

If you missed part one, check it out here. Continuing along…

5. Metro –

Now we’re getting into the list of modes of transportation that don’t necessarily suck. I’d put city metro systems right in the middle of the pack. To clarify: I’m defining ‘metro systems’ as inner-city public transportation systems (subway, buses, trams, etc.) They are typically convenient enough to get you around the city, but schedules have been confusing and the payment systems are nuts. For instance, in Sicily you have to go find a tobacco store to buy your bus ticket from and then go find the bus station. Whacky.

Typically subways are good, but if we just need two tickets for the day they won’t take credit card so we’re SOL (shit outta luck) if we don’t have cash. Also there are not enough performers on the subway here. I never thought I would say that, but in New York people we’re always spinning on the poles, asking you for money or clipping their toe nails. Here it seems like everyone is kinda normal so it gets boring with nothing to watch.

4. Trains (city-to-city travel) –

These are pretty close to buses in my eyes, but I have to give trains the edge as they seem more reliable with better air conditioning and easier to book. I’d say this is definitely the best way to get around Europe for any city-t0-city travel that’s less than a 1.5 hour flight. If it’s less than a 1.5 hour flight it’s probably quicker to just take the train.

The trains are also not bumpy like buses so it’s pretty easy to get work done, bring some lunch on board (or buy it from the bar car), chill out and watch a movie on your computer. Not many downsides other than they can be expensive if not booked at the right time.

3. Bikes –

Gotta say I love biking around a city. If you can get one on a sunny, non-humid day there’s nothing better than exploring it on two wheels. They are super inexpensive to rent, you can basically park them anywhere and it gets you places pretty quick.

Dealing with traffic can be terrifying though. Also, snapchatting and biking is dangerous. I crashed while attempting it in Valencia.

2. Ferries –

Ferries are the sh*t. I’m on one as I write this, heading from Santorini to Naxos and it’s pretty awesome. Tickets were $21 each for a two hour ride and I feel like I’m on a cruise ship. Two restaurants on board, wind blowing in my face, out in the open sea. Doesn’t get much better than that.

The ticketing process was pretty easy, they loaded everyone on with a breeze and we took off a minute early. Plus there are TV’s on board playing soccer, free wifi and movies on demand, and a full bar. Clutch.

1.  Four Wheelers/ATV/Quads, whatever you want to call them –

I mean this was obvious right? Whipping a four wheeler around Santorini was a highlight of my life and the manliest I’ve felt since I ate two meals at a Hooters in one day (Happy Birthday Colin!).

We rented these on both Santorini and Naxos and it was two of the best days we’ve had so far on this trip.

It was pretty cheap to rent for the whole day, we felt super safe on it, and it got us everywhere we wanted to go on the islands. I can’t express enough how amazing this was, and how much more we were able to see and experience as a result of renting them. 

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