Two Days in Cinque Terre

The only thing that made leaving the beautiful city of Florence was knowing that next up was Cinque Terre!

Cinque Terre’s popularity has skyrocketed in the last few years, so honestly I was a little apprehensive about how amazing everyone claims that it is. But trust me, it is amazing. My recommendation would be to visit in the late Summer/early Fall. Visiting in October, we were a little past prime season, which is great for budget seekers. Not great for beach weather. Despite not being able to work on my suntan, we still had a beautiful couple of days and I wish we would’ve stayed a little longer. more

When in Rome… you know the rest


Ahhh, Italy! The final country of our European adventure has finally arrived.

Rome was a bookend destination for our tour de Italy. The first two nights that we spent in Italy were in Rome, as well as the last five. The rest of Italy is very accessible by either plane or train from Rome, so it’s a great starting & ending point if you’re trying to map out your Italian journey. (I just realized that’s where the quote, “All roads lead to Rome” comes from. Mind. Blown.) more