One month on the road

Holy sh*t, I can’t believe it’s already been an entire month since we started this adventure. In some ways it feels like Paris was ages ago (we have been to eight cities since!), but in other ways this trip is already flying by and I want time to slow down!! What’s that famous saying, “the days are long but the years are short.”  That has never been truer. more

Airbnb: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Planning a trip of this magnitude is intimidating, without a doubt. Neither Casey or myself came into this thinking that it would be easy or without a few missteps, especially when it came to where we would be sleeping every night. Lodging is obviously going to be the biggest part out of budget, and with limited funds available, it can be frustrating to find a place that we want to stay. more

“How Rich Are You?!” – 10 tips for saving money

Without a doubt the most common question that Casey & I have been asked by our friends/family/coworkers once they heard about our plan is, “How are you able to do this?” (Or as bluntly put by one of my guy friends who came running to hug me once he found out, “HOW RICH ARE YOU?!”). Truth be told, a trip of this magnitude is surprisingly less expensive than most people think. Yes it costs money, but the moment we realized this isn’t a vacation- this is going to be our life, we created a budget and built the trip around that. more