Deep thoughts by Casey: Lisboa

The Olympics are a joke

When we started making our itinerary a couple of months ago I was incredibly excited that we were going to be in Spain/Portugal during the Olympics. I’ve always heard of how passionate they are about sports, and since we were in Portugal while their national team was playing football (soccer), I figured it would be a blast. I kid you not, the bars were playing VH1 90’s flashback concerts of Three Doors Down instead of the game. Admittedly, Three Doors Down is a pretty incredible band, but this blew me away.

I was openly laughed at by locals when I suggested that they turn on the game. They had just won the EuroCup, so what’s the point in watching the rest of the World play, especially since their star athletes don’t even participate? I guess it made sense. It would basically be like if the Cleveland Cavaliers went to the Olympics after winning the NBA Championship, but Lebron James wasn’t playing.

Nothing is free

So if you haven’t gathered by now, I definitely have less common sense than Meghan. If I was on this trip alone I would probably still be trying to find my train in Paris. Given that, I always thought it was pretty custom to bring out some bread as you wait for your meal, maybe some cheese, hell throw in some olives too.

Well, I was starving and Meghan wasn’t paying attention so I grabbed a piece of bread, some cheese and a few olives from the basket they put down on the table while we waited. Meghan noticed after I had taken a few bites and told me to stop, but I ate the rest of the piece in order to cover up the evidence.

After the meal was over, with a devilish “gotchya!” smirk, the waiter brought over the bill where he had charged us 5 for the cheese, 3 for the olives and 2 for the bread. I had one piece of each. Bastards. My question is, if I don’t touch it, do they just bring it to the next table or do they throw it away?

“What do you want to do?”

It’s a running joke between us now that we know nothing about the cities that we are going to and that we have no idea what we’re going to do when we get there. You have to understand that when we chose this itinerary it was basically just me picking city names I recognized from the ,“Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” computer game.

So every time we get somewhere and unpack the first thing we do is look at each other, say, “What do you want to do”, then shrug. This also usually leads to an argument about who is more indecisive, but that’s a subject for a different time. I’ve learned though that by using TripAdvisor I can pull up the city we are in and it shows me the most common things people do in that city. Which turns out to be the equivalent of pulling up New York City and it telling you to go to Times Square. Oh well, we’ve promised to get better.

Breakfast is cheap

We set a budget before we left of $25/each/day for food, drink and entertainment, which to this point we are averaging $25.50 each. Drinking usually is our entertainment so that makes it a little bit easier.

Having said that, the saving grace has been that breakfast has been really inexpensive. Most cafes run some sort of deal usually for a combo with an espresso, (Also, no drip coffee anywhere. What’s the deal with that?) and a croissant for $2 or two combos for $3. This has been awesome because it means we’re not making some shitty oatmeal every morning like prison inmates, and actually get to enjoy the cities’ culture a little more.

San Francisco

Lisbon is just like San Francisco, or San Francisco is just like Lisbon, or something like that. Lisbon is older, but I think it is modeled after San Francisco. Does that make sense? I don’t know, I just put my brain in a pretzel.

Anyway, Lisbon has a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge (same size and everything) that was engineered by the same people who designed the Bay Bridge in SF. Additionally, just like SF, Lisbon is very hilly and therefore their public transportation consists of trolley cars. No real point here, just deep thinking on this bus to Barcelona.

Rapid Fire

  • I thought Portuguese and Spanish were similar
  • Shouldn’t they just call Portuguese Sausage, “Sausage”? Hm.
  • Still lots of drinking outside
  • Sometimes not talking to each other is good
  • WIFI is everywhere
  • Lots of graffiti here
  • Airbnb is awesome
  • It’s nice to cook a meal at home
  • Asian food is definitely my favorite
  • One currency everywhere is nice
  • Airport security is a breeze

One thought on “Deep thoughts by Casey: Lisboa

  1. HI Casey!
    I am so enjoying reading about your adventures, and just am loving each and every experience, good and bad, that you are sharing. I just emailed Meghan as well about me just wishing I were you guys at your age !
    You are both such wonderful writers and I really enjoy the sense of humor that comes across– this blog could become a book one day 🙂
    So proud of you and can’t wait to read the next post. It is so funny the lessons you are learning – it is exactly what I love about traveling-I always try to warn clients to just roll with the punches, because they sure come unexpectedly to us Americans:) It is so amazing to learn how other people live and learn by experience ourselves. 🙂 I am also amazed at how you are staying on budget. That would be such a challenge for me–at my age, Im spoiled!!! I completely commend you both!
    Meghan is beautiful, funny, and I look forward to meeting her one day. You both look amazing and happy –its just awesome to witness.
    Joe and I will be leaving Monday for ….Romania! Long story. (Blairco employee wants to show us around)…not on my bucket list but we will be there for 5 days and then are heading down to Puglia (the heel of the boot) Italy for 10 nights. I wish we would be able to be somewhere at the same to have a meal together! I really really hope your mom will bite the bullet and come to stay with you guys for part of your trip. She would just love it-Id take her myself if I could, or join her….she is such an amazing travel companion and we would have a ball!!! You remind me so much of her, and I have a special place in my heart for you both! Love to you- Safe travels, God bless you both on the rest of your journey!!!

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