Deep thoughts by Casey: San Sebastián

After every city (or whenever he gets around to it), Casey will be doing a short guest blog to share some of his experiences, lessons learned and relationship advice that he has gathered along the way. Only fair, I guess, since he’s on this trip too. All opinions expressed are his own and are not reflective of the owner of this blog. (aka: Please do not judge me based on his posts.) 

Deep Thoughts: San Sebastián


So we roll into San Sebastian and I’m feeling pretty confident that we’re good to go on the language front. Meghan got A’s (allegedly) in four years of Spanish class, so we will be just fine. Surprise! Little do I know Northern Spain (Basque County) is totally different from the rest of the country. Language, culture, cuisine, etc. How did I find this out? Well, it started with a lot of funny looks when I ordered a whole sausage on a loaf of bread at our first restaurant…

We walked in and the menu was in a language we’ve never seen before, our translate app wouldn’t work and we were now at the front of the line to order. Full of irrational confidence I just said the first two words I could pronounce. They second guessed me and gave me a lot of confused looks, but I stuck to my guns and you know what? I ate the whole god damn thing.

I’m out of shape

Not that I’ve really been “in shape” since High School (QB 1, but we can talk about that later), but I think I’m definitely out of it at this point. I woke up two of the three mornings we were in San Sebastian and went for a run. I stopped every half mile or so to pretend that I was taking pictures of the landscape, but in reality that was just because lying down on the sidewalk wasn’t a socially acceptable option.

It also doesn’t help my confidence that Mark Calak (Meghan’s Dad) does Orange Theory workouts that burn more calories daily than I probably have burned total since leaving New York. How do I know this? His workout results are delivered daily in a family email chain that I’ve been added to. 

Topless beaches

Not that I have been looking or anything, but IF there were a bunch of topless women at the beaches in Spain, I wouldn’t mind.  Also, if that trend spread to the U.S. that would be cool.

Tapas vs Pinxtos

Coming to Spain I was excited to save some money from getting free food with my drinks. If you didn’t know, typically a tapa (or small plate of food) is given for free when you get drinks at a restaurant. However, when I asked our Airbnb host where a good place to get tapas was he immediately told me never to say that again in Basque country. Apparently it’s insulting.

Pinxtos seem the same to me, except they cost like $3-5 each. Generally speaking, it wasn’t my favorite cuisine. It was also weird that there aren’t really menus. Every bar/restaurant you go to has everything laid out buffet style and you grab what you want then you pay at the end on an honor system. Interesting stuff too, like a piece of bread with a crab spread covered in an anchovy. Yummmmm!


  • Showers here suck
  • Beer is cheap
  • We need to buy more groceries
  • WiFi is everywhere here
  • Meghan is still giving me the look
  • I miss sports
  • My feet are sweaty
  • I wonder if we’ll start Kaepernick or Gabbert
  • Skype and Facebook Messenger are awesome
  • Meghan is more logical than me

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  1. Happy to see that you are still such a deep thinker and i must agree, Meghan is more logical than you:) Love reading your guys’ posts. Looks like you are both having fun. Miss you!

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