I’m homesick… For my closet.

We’re almost at the one month mark of this incredible journey and I’m so happy that the hardest part, the part with the most grueling travel, is over. From here on out we travel at a slower pace and we will be able to enjoy ourselves and the cities we visit much more than we have been. Yay for that!

So what could possibly be getting me down on this beautiful Sunday in Barcelona?

I miss my closet.

I miss my closet, filled with my clothes and shoes. I miss my big purse that I could easily throw everything into and it magically never ran out of space. I miss my hairdryer. I MISS MY SHOWER AND MY BED. (Holy shit do I miss those)

Basically this post is just a big rant of me missing my materialistic self.

I’ve always heard that when you travel, it causes you to detach from your material possessions and become one with the World, or some hippy mumbo jumbo like that. Well, when exactly does that happen? Because I’m four weeks in and all I can think about is what’s on sale at the ten Zara’s that we pass a day (No joke, they’re on every corner. It’s the clothing version of Starbucks.)

And honestly, I’m sick of seeing Casey in the same clothes. And I’m sure he would say the same about me.

So today we decided that we were going to H&M to buy 1-2 new articles of clothing each (BIG DAY!!). Casey brought along a pair of jeans with huge holes in the crotch and since he’s not auditioning in a role for Magic Mike XXL, they’re basically just taking up space. So he’s going to toss them and that will create room for some more stuff.

I’m wracking my brain trying to decide how I’m going to choose TWO new things to buy. “Do I get two shirts? I could really use another dress. What about a bathing suit, that barely counts as an item and then mayyyybe I could stretch it to three things…”

We’re headed toward downtown Barcelona and there’s an awesome street, Passeig de Gracia, that is just like Fifth Avenue in NYC filled, with all the high-end designer shops with the regular people stores intermixed. I’m practically skipping I’m so happy to buy something new!

Hmmm… that is weird, Dolce & Gabbana and Michael Kors are closed. Oh well, I couldn’t afford that when I had a salary, so it’s not like I’m going there now that I’m pricing out lunch meat at the grocery store.

Wait… Nike is closed too? And Zara? What the hell is happening?!

Don’t tell me… No it can’t be… Why is H&M closed?!? WHY GOD WHY?

Oh wait… because it’s Sunday and everything in Spain is closed on Sunday’s.

So for all you jerks that woke up today upset that you couldn’t get your chicken biscuit from Chick-fil-A, just think of poor little Meghan, sitting in Barcelona, who can’t buy new clothes.

Somewhere, there is a small violin playing a tune in my honor.

Update: Turns out, there was an H&M 300 feet behind me that was open the entire time I was writing this. I couldn’t find anything worth buying. Casey got a shirt for $5.00. 

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