Lisbon Airbnb: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Before I get started, I want to point out that this will be my last Airbnb post that is separate from the city post. I will still be reviewing the places we stayed, but I will be including them in my overall review of each city that we visit. To be honest, doing two separate posts was kind of boring and redundant in my opinion, and until Airbnb sponsors me and I can start getting free places to stay… This is how it’s going to be (your move, Airbnb).

Link to Apartment
Lisbon’s Airbnb operated similarly as a hostel does. The owner of the property (Adriana) doesn’t actually live at the location and the apartment had 4 bedrooms that she always rents out to travelers.

We took a taxi from the airport since Lisbon doesn’t have an underground metro and it was way too hot to deal with buses. It ended up only being 12 Euros for the ride, so we felt like it was a win. When we got to our apartment, we realized that we (‘we’ meaning ‘me’) hadn’t communicated the details of our arrival, so Adriane wasn’t at the apartment waiting for us. And to add to that, the guys who sold us our Vodaphone SIM in San Sebastián lied out of their asses when they said the SIM card data would work outside of Spain, sooooo… we had no way of texting or calling her to say we had arrived.


Luckily the very kind owner of the Nepalese restaurant next door let us use their WiFi and an hour later, we were inside! Yay?

Anyway… the apartment was perfect for what we needed: big room with a comfortable king bed, AC in the room which was a godsend after Madrid, and a big kitchen with all the essential amenities to cook.

As I’ve stated before, I have been very “anti-hostel” since before we even started booking places to stay. Mainly because the thought of sleeping in a bunk bed next to 10 other strangers who are most likely snoring and doing god-knows-what-else sounds horrific. But honestly, I enjoyed this “hostel-like” setup. It was nice to meet the other travelers, and while most of them kept to themselves, we did meet a very nice girl from Brooklyn who was traveling solo. She almost cried tears of joy when we let her use our plug converter to charge her phone and left us the nicest note with great things to do in Lisbon when she returned it.

The location for the Airbnb was perfect, and we easily walked to everything that we wanted to do in Lisbon. It was nice not having to worry about purchasing a bus or train ticket to get everywhere.

We didn’t see our host again after the initial day, but she was very communicative via text our entire stay and even let us keep our bags in the apartment the day that we left since we had a late afternoon train.

Scale of 1-10? 9.

If you haven’t used Airbnb before and are thinking of trying it on your next vacation, use this link to get a $35 travel credit towards your first booking!

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