Madrid Airbnb: The Good, the bad and the ugly

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Similar to San Sebastián, our Airbnb in Madrid was a private room in someone’s home. This time we stayed with a young woman named Odette whose apartment is located in the Malasaña neighborhood of Madrid.

Even thought we arrived in the middle of the day on a Tuesday,  Odette was home awaiting our arrival and was extremely welcoming. She immediately gave us a tour of the home, offered us drinks from the fridge, and gave local recommendations for food. She also allowed us to use her washer and we were very desperate for clean clothes (see also: underwear) at that point. Because she was working, we didn’t have much more communication with her over the next three nights, but when we saw her in passing she was very friendly and checked to make sure we had everything that we needed.

I know I ranted a little about the cleanliness from the last place, so I am happy to report that this apartment was spotless and the bed was very comfortable! Yay! Only thing that would’ve made it better, would’ve been to have AC in the bedroom, but I guess that’s unheard of in Madrid. (Not sure why you would want to live there in the Summer without it. I would have to move my bed into the living room.)

Malasaña was an ideal location in Madrid. It is a very lively neighborhood, with a lot of bars and restaurants. It was also very accessible by the metro and only a short walk to everything touristy that you would want to do in Madrid.

I would highly recommend Odette’s apartment to anyone visiting Madrid. Scale from 1-10? 9.

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