Europe & Central America Packing List

It’s safe to say that packing for this trip weighed heavily on my mind way before the one-way ticket was even purchased. How the hell does someone who regularly runs out of hanging space in their closet pack for half a year abroad in a 55L (aka: carry-on sized) bag?

The answer: over and over and over again.

I cannot begin to explain how many YouTube videos I have watched, blogs that I have read and packing lists that I have written in order to narrow down my closet to the limited selection of clothing that made the cut.

So here is my packing list in its entirety (Minus toiletries. I will do another post on that at a later date). I have also added links to some of the things that I purchased off of Amazon before the trip. Is the list perfect? No. Did I probably bring too much? Yes. But they say to bring what you love & what you always wear so that’s just what I did, and it somehow all fits and doesn’t break my back. Hooray!

For our backpacks we chose the Osprey Farpoint 55L pack. So far, I absolutely love this bag. Osprey has a cult-like following and I think I’m beginning to see why. The bags are made very well and are extremely lightweight when empty. The Farpoint series has a 40, 55 and 70L size option, all of which come with a 15L detachable day bag. AND unlike top loading packs, these backpacks open from the side, just like a suitcase- which was honestly the selling point for me. The bags come in a S/M size (which I have) and M/L size for taller people (Casey is 6’1” and got this size).

Something that I discovered when researching how to pack for this trip was PACKING CUBES. Holy shit, how did I not know these existed before?! We got three sets of E-Cubes from Amazon, both in the slim and regular size. These little buggers help to keep our clothes organized and our bags packed tight and have been a saving grace for both Casey & myself.

Alright, the rest is broken down for you below:

Nike running shoes
Flip flops (The cheap $1 kind from Old Navy)

Jean shorts
Black shorts
Black skinny jeans
Green linen shorts
2 Bathing suits
3 Dresses
Black cardigan
Lightweight, Zip-up hoodie
3 Long sleeve shirts (definitely too many, but I couldn’t choose)
5 Tshirts (see above)
3 Tank tops (see two above)
10 Pairs of underwear
2 Bras
2 Sports bras
Sleep/lounge outfit
Auburn T-shirt (Football season is coming! War Eagle!)
Gym Shorts
2 Pairs of socks
Baseball hat
2 Scarves

Everything else:
Toiletries & make-up (More detail coming in another post)
Small, cross body purse
Laptop & charger
Kindle & charger
Cell phone & charger (duh.)
DSLR Camera with camera bag
Over-the-ear Beats Headphones
2 pairs of sunglasses
Passport w/ copies (we also left copies at home with our parents. Always a good option when you’re traveling, no matter how long the distance/time)
Copies of travel insurance & other important documents (same as above)
Plug converter 
Small portable battery for phone
Microfiber Beach towel (Glad we didn’t leave these behind. They have already come in handy for parks.)
Microfiber Hair towel (Absorbs a ton of water so your hair dries quicker. Plus it’s nice to have your own towel on the road.)
Inflatable travel pillow
Day planner
2-3 ziplock baggies (you never know!)
2 Bag locks (don’t steal my shit, yo)
Fitbit & charger (we walked 22,000 steps our first day in Paris!)

We will see how much of what I brought that I actually end up wearing and if there is anything I wish I had included. We’ll also see how quickly Casey gets sick of seeing me in the same outfits.

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