San Sebastián Airbnb: The good, the bad, and the ugly

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After the Paris apartment debacle, we were starting to feel a little skeptical about staying in Airbnb homes for the entire trip. After all, that tiny, dirty, box WAS rated highly when we booked it in April. So either previous guests were lying or the place got worse by the time we stayed there (I think both are somewhat accurate).

Nonetheless, we were still excited for our next experience and hell, ANYTHING would be better than Paris.

Going to San Sebastián, we were most looking forward to be staying in someone’s actual home, where they also live. This time of year Western Europe is populated with tourists and as a result, lodging prices skyrocket. So for the majority of our first 60 days, we will be staying in private rooms as opposed to having an entire apartment to ourselves. This also means that we will have local advice about things to do, places to eat, cheap bars, etc. And this is something we are REALLY excited about.

For the four days in San Sebastián we stayed with Chris & Susi, who are a young Polish/Spanish couple that work in a restaurant in the Old Town, which is where most of the bars, restaurants and nightlife are located in San Sebastián.

They were extremely accommodating throughout our entire stay and even invited us to join them for a boozy lunch with their friends on their day off (we were already mentally committed to a day at the beach so we politely declined the offer).

The apartment itself was perfect for what we needed. Given the fact that our bedroom alone was bigger than our entire apartment in Paris, we were pretty satisfied from the beginning. Plus, the location couldn’t have been better. We were on a quiet street but only two blocks from the Old Town and a short walk to all three of the beaches.

There was really only one negative during our stay, and I honestly feel bad even saying this, but the common spaces in the apartment (kitchen, living room, hallway, etc) could have been cleaner. Not that I’m an OCD, neat-freak by any means, but I prefer things to be clean. Not to say the entire apartment was this way. Our room was very clean as well as our bathroom (Thank God). But because of that, I hung out in our room probably more than I should have and was a little more anti-social than I should have been (oops).  Yes this might sound snobbish and yes, I realize I wasn’t staying at the effing Ritz Carlton, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask for your home to be very clean for guests that are paying to stay there. Right?

Anyway, Casey says I’m being too harsh so I’ll end my rant there.

Overall, the stay was a huge upgrade from Paris and we had a great time. Based on their hospitality alone I would recommend their apartment to others. Scale of 1-10? I’d say a 7.3.

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