The Algarve Coast

As you know by now, Casey and I are BIG beach people. I’ve hardly met a beach that I didn’t love in my 28 years of living. So when we heard that the Algarve Coast in Southern Portugal is one of the most beautiful coast lines in the World, we got really excited.

Since our Airbnb was well off the beaten path (poor trip planning on our part), we had to take a train from Loulé in order to reach the beaches. No biggie, since the entire coast is accessible by the train & bus, however it’s a bit of a hike from the stations to the actual beaches, and cabs aren’t always readily available. When we visit the coast in the future (and I will DEFINITELY be back), I will be renting a car or staying in one of the beach towns, or both. Because it is such a popular holiday destination for Europeans, I think that most people fly into the Faro airport and then take a prepaid airport shuttle to their hotel. Either way, don’t do what we did unless you have a car.

The first beach that we visited on the Algarve Coast was Praia do Inatel, which is located just south of the beautiful beach town of Albufeira. Like I said, we took a bus to Albufeira and since we didn’t want to blow our daily budget on a cab, we decided to walk to the beach. It was about a 20 minute walk (and all downhill) which wasn’t too bad.

The town of Albufeira is awesome and somewhere that I would recommend staying if you’re coming to the Algarve. It isn’t as much of a party scene as Lagos, but there are a good amount of clubs and bars on the main strip leading to the Ocean that looked like a good time. The town’s center has a ton of restaurants and shops and it’s a great place to walk around and grab a drink after spending the day on the beach.

The beach itself is really big and even though there were a ton of people at the beach that day, it was very spread out and we had plenty of space.




The next day we took the train a little further East and went to the town of Portimao. The beach and main part of the town are a little bit of a hike from the train station, so we splurged for a cab (7 euro). Portimao is a much bigger city than Albuferia, and there are a lot of hotels right across the street from the beach. The beach itself is huge and there is the option to rent beach chairs and umbrellas on the main beach. The day we were there the main beach was packed and it was hard to walk around the water because there were so many people. However, once you get away from the insanity, there are some really cool inlets that feel like they’re your own private beach.

Enough talk, I’ll let the pictures do the work for me.






All-in-all, the Algarve Coast should be on everyone’s bucket list and it is a place that I absolutely want to return to.

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