The Top Five: Casey’s Favorite Drinks

Since we’ve passed the one month mark, Casey is going to share some of his favorite (and least favorite) memories from the first 30 days. Once again, all opinions are his and please don’t judge the owner of this blog (me) for them. 

Casey’s top five drinks… so far 

5. Sangria – Valencia

Meghan and I had been stuck in the sun for two hours straight trying to hail a cab to get back to our Airbnb. It was one of the low points so far of the trip. We were pissed because nobody would pick us up and the companies we called couldn’t understand our broken Spanish. We wanted to get home because we paid 20 euro to have an awesome home cooked meal prepared by our Airbnb hosts, complete with unlimited alcohol. Now you understand why we were desperate to get home.

Anyway, after a horrible afternoon, we finally got home and all of the food was waiting for us. We were dripping in sweat and not happy, but when I saw this spread my mood immediately changed. The first thing the host did was poor me a glass of red wine, add gas (they call tonic water, ‘gas’) and threw in some ice. It was the most refreshing drink I think I’ve ever had and I couldn’t have been happier. And I proceeded to drink the entire pitcher.

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4. Rose’ – Paris

It was probably more about the setting than it was the actual wine itself, because I don’t remember too much about the actual taste. Sitting in the park in front of the Eiffel Tower we had two bottles of rose’, a baguette and a wheel of cheese.

Definitely one of the cooler things we’ve done and I’d be doing a disservice to not mention that drink.


3. Orange Fanta – Everywhere

Do we have Fanta back in the US? I think we do, but I don’t think I ever tried it there. You probably know it by the commercials “Fanta Fanta, don’t chya want to want to”.

Anyway, it’s like a delicacy here and that shit is awesome. Meghan would probably rather have a Coca Cola, but I’m big fan of that orange syrup.


2. Portugese Brandy – Loulé

If you haven’t already read about it go ahead and reread what I wrote about Loulé.

I guess ‘best’ is kind of a loose term here as this didn’t taste good (it actually tasted like gasoline), it wasn’t a great setting (I had just ate four whole fish) and it wasn’t with super notable company (Stephan is a great guy though) but there’s something about drinking homemade moonshine in southern Portugal out of a water cooler that strikes a chord in my heart. I’ll never forget that.


1. Cisk Beer – Malta

I really could have chosen any of the local beers that they have in Europe, but Cisk stuck out to me. The US you basically have Bud Light, Coors, PBR, Keystone, whatever, but in Europe every country and even some cities have their own beer. It’s really interesting because when you go to a restaurant or store everyone carries their local brew only.

Cisk is awesome though. It comes in a yellow can, was super cheap, tasted pretty good and is mostly served as tall boys.

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