Three Days in Seville

Similarly to Madrid, we went into the Seville trip knowing that it was going to be hot. And man, were we right. I mean, they don’t nickname a city, “the hottest city in Europe” for no reason. In hindsight, it was probably pretty dumb of us to visit Seville in the middle of August, but we heard from many of our friends how beautiful it is, and we didn’t want to pass it by.

We took a bus to Seville from Faro, which was a nice ride plus we got to watch three episodes of Game of Thrones (RIP Ned Stark). Still the best purchase we have made to date.

To save a little money, we decided to walk to our Airbnb from the bus terminal in Seville. Yes, it was miserably hot, but it was only a 20 minute walk and I was feeling ambitious after sitting for the last four hours.

Needless to say, we were DRIPPING in sweat by the time we arrived to our Airbnb.

Much to our surprise, our Airbnb host in Lisbon for the week for work, so he had a friend let us into the apartment and we at the place to ourselves the entire stay. Win! The apartment itself was beautiful, in a great location, and the room had A/C so overall we were really happy with our choice to stay there.

Best part of the apartment (other than the Air conditioning in the 100 degree heat), was the private terrace at the top of the building. It wasn’t as glamorous as the pictures online showed, which was slightly obnoxious, but once the sun was setting and it wasn’t hotter than Hades outside, it was the perfect way to spend an evening before we left for dinner.

Because it was so hot outside, we opted for one of those hop-on/hop-off buses to see the city, rather than sweating our asses off walking. It cost us 16 Euro a person, and in hindsight that was probably more than we needed to spend. The city is beautiful and has a lot of great history, but most of everything that is worth seeing is in the city center, and since they have the streets blocked for pedestrians, you end up having to walk anyway. The bus did show us parts of Seville that we probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise, and we learned some interesting facts about Seville, but I wouldn’t do it again if we were to go again.

Hop-on/Hop-off Bus pic!
Hop-on/Hop-off Bus pic!
Alcazar of Seville: The Royal Palace
Plaza de EspañaIMG_2082


The palace was so ornate and had these beautiful tiled pictures surrounding the grounds
The plaza was so ornate and had these beautiful tiled pictures surrounding the grounds
Cool tree leading into the Royal palace
Cool tree leading into the plaza


Gardens around the palace
Gardens around the plaza
Bull fighting ring
Bull fighting ring


All that remains of the stone wall that used to surround Seville
All that remains of the stone wall that used to surround Seville
The architecture in Seville is so cool!
The architecture in Seville is so cool!


The Cathedral
The Cathedral in the center of the city


One of the best meals we have had on the trip was in Seville at a restaurant called Duo Tapas, which serves (you guessed it!), tapas! This restaurant was mentioned time and time again in reviews by previous guests for our Airbnb, so we knew we needed to give it a try. For 25 Euro we had five different plates of tapas (our favorite was the mushroom risotto), and two glasses of sangria and we loved everything we tried.

Seating outside at Duo Tapas
Seating inside
Yummy Sangria
Noodles were so good!
Curry Chicken
Tuna Steak
Iberian Pork
Complimentary after dinner shots

Would I go back to Seville? Absolutely. Would I go back to Seville in August? Absolutely not.

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