Touring Prague: Walking tours, pub crawls & castles

Prague was probably the most excited that I was for Eastern Europe. Everything that I have heard about Prague, from the people that I know, is nothing short of a rave review. “The beer is cheap, the city is beautiful, and did I mention the beer is cheap?” Is basically everyone’s line of thinking when it comes to Prague.

And man, were they right.

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Sandeman NEW Europe Tour

Now if you’ve been following along on our journey so far, you know that Casey & I aren’t exactly great tourists. We’ve often times just shown up to a city, researched things to do on Trip Advisor, and maybe checked a few “must-do” sights off the list. So, we decided to shake things up a bit in Prague by taking a walking tour. Prague has an immense amount of really cool history and it felt like a disservice not to learn about some of it.

Sandeman is a great company that offers walking tours in almost all major European cities. The best part about their tours? They are 100% free! The tour guides work on a commission only basis, so you only tip what you think is right at the end of the tour.

Now, don’t think this means you can give little to nothing. Most of the tour guides are really awesome at their job and go above and beyond for the tour. (Our tour lasted over FOUR hours!) So, be prepared to tip at least 10-20Euro (or more!) depending on the tour length and group size.

Our guide (unfortunately, I forgot his name) was hilarious and extremely knowledgeable about not only the landmarks that he took us to, but also the complete history of Prague. It’s safe to say that without the tour I would’ve left Prague with very little insight into everything the city has been through in the last 100 years.




Clock Tower Pub Crawl

 Similar to other Eastern European cities, nightlife is a huge deal in Prague. While on the Sandeman tour, our guide suggested that we check out the Clock Tower Pub Crawl. When you don’t know your way around a city, an organized pub crawl is an awesome way to hit a bunch of spots and make new friends along the way.

The Clock Tower Pub Crawl costs 18Euro and begins with a two-hour “all you can drink” happy hour. You read that correctly, TWO HOUR all-you-can-drink for 18Euro! Those two hours alone pay for the cost of the entire pub crawl.

The happy hour location is really cool as well. You are brought to a hidden, underground stone cellar, which was used as a bunker during WWII. During the two hours you can listen to great music, play beer pong, flip cup, foosball, or just hang out and meet new people. After the two hours are up, you are then escorted around the city to 4 additional bars where you have an hour to drink/dance/hang out before moving to the next. And, each bar gives you a “welcome shot” when you walk in the door.

Needless to say, it was a good night.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is a definite “must do” when visiting Prague. While you can do a guided tour of the castle grounds & cathedral, we decided to do this one on our own.

It is a little bit of a hike uphill from the river, but once you get to the top, you are rewarded with a spectacular view of the city. And we all know how much I like to hike for views!

Once at the top we purchased some beer for $1.50 (so cheap!) and enjoyed some serious people-watching in the town square.

In order to enter the castle itself, you will have to go through a security screening. This line may be long, depending on the day, but it moves fast. (Some people thought this might be a ticket line, but it is free to go into the castle grounds!) Definitely wait in the line if you’re there; the cathedral within the walls is stunning and worth the wait. There are ticket packages that you can purchase for some of the historical buildings onsite, but we opted out of paying for those.

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 Also, when you visit Prague, here are some things that you should keep in mind:

1. Expect service to be rude. As Americans, we are used to over-the-top-friendly service. You don’t really get that in Europe, because waiters here aren’t working for tips. However, in Prague we were pretty turned-off by how unfriendly waiters were to us. We found out later, this is pretty common in Prague. The country & city have been through A LOT in the last 100 years, and as a result, people are very untrustworthy and “customer service” is almost non-existent. Don’t take it personal. It’s (probably) not your fault.

2. Validate your ticket. I know, it’s tempting to get away with a free metro ride. However, in Prague they take this very seriously and we saw people get their tickets checked by police when they exited the train. The fine is large if you get caught and when the train is only 1Euro to begin with, it’s not worth the risk.

3. Be careful when you exchange your cash. The Czech Republic uses the Crown as their currency, not the Euro. Therefore, you most likely will need to exchange money when you arrive to the city. Because of this, there are exchange places around every corner. Make sure to check the exchange rate and how much commission they take before you give them your money. Many places in Prague will rip you off.

4. Speaking of ripping you off… Don’t take a Taxi if you can avoid it. Taxi’s are known for overcharging their customers in Prague. Take the Metro when you can, or if it’s after midnight, take an Uber.

Hope these help!

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